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Our International Experience

Our International Experience

PSF relevant experience of hosting international events Portugal has a history of active hosting and participation in international events. We are proud of how we organize our contingents and how we manage our events in Portugal. These are a few examples of our international experience:

As main organizers:

  • Roverway, 2003;
  • 6th European Educational Methods Forum, 2009;
  • Youth Empowerment Study Session;
  • Partnership Network Meeting, 2014;
  • Lisbon Group Meeting, 2014;
  • Academy, 2015;
  • Rover100, 2019.

As host and support country:

  • Chief Volunteers and Chief Executive Meeting, 2015;
  • Network Meeting of External Representatives, 2015;
  • Peace & Human Right Education Unit Meeting, 2017;
  • European Scout Summit, 2018;
  • Good Governance National Board Working Group Meeting, 2018.

As participants:

  • Jamboree (with an average number of ~ 600 participants);
  • Moot (with an average number of ~130 participants);
  • Roverway (with an average number of ~600 participants);
  • Others – European Agora, Eurojam, World Scout Youth Forums, World Scout Conferences, European Conference, YESS, Young Spokesperson Forum.

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