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Buçaquinho Scout Center

This Scout Camp results from a partnership between the scout region of Porto and the municipality of Ovar.
The space surrounding the camp can be used to expand the camp area if necessary.
The beginning of the construction of this new scout living space is planned for April 2019 and includes pedestrian paths and the treatment and landscaping of the area intended for the main camp. It also includes the building of a chapel, 3 bungalows (sleeping quarters), each with a capacity for 20 people, the construction of a campfire space and infrastructures for tree climbing and canopy tour.
The building will include a reception area, 8 rooms for “patrols”, a medical ward, showers and bathroom facilities, a multipurpose room with a capacity for approx. 120 seated people, as well as a dining room with a support kitchen.
The project includes a support house located in the northern part of the campsite, next to the camping area, with showers and toilets and a second area for dishwashing. To complement the area of the Headquarters Building, and responding to the expected space needs, there will be facilities for water supply, rainwater and waste water drainage and an electrical installation.
Due to the proximity to the seaside, this location is also suitable for water activities. As this area is integrated in a pine forest zone, activities linked to the fauna and flora are also possible.

Aimed Entry Point: Lisboa (specific site to be defined in the future)
Aimed Exit Point: Main Camp – 1km away from the train station

After the construction and implementation of the field, it will be needed to increase the number of bathroom facilities and also the electric and drinkable water network.
In the proposed campsite, it will be necessary to set up specific areas for the organization headquarters and for the hospital infrastructures, as there is not large enough structures to accommodate the needs of an event like Moot.

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