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Our Motivation

  • To give the opportunity, for a wide range of participants, to develop their competencies and skills by having a direct impact on their local, national and international communities, as co-organizers and participants of Moot.
  • Engage Scouts in acquiring best practices on cooperation, solidarity, and mutual understanding with each other and the local communities.
  • Foster participants’ personal development, embracing the values of a peaceful equal society in which tolerance, non-discrimination, human rights, dignity, and justice prevail.
  • Broaden the horizons of young people involved in the preparation of the event and the participants to boost Youth Empowerment and Engagement.
  • Build on the experience in organizing National Camps with 20.000 participants to broaden horizons of adult volunteers on long-term international events by promoting the interest in bigger and more complex events.
  • Promote the development of the Rover Section Program around the world by sharing best practices between participants, and namely the Portuguese experience, considering the importance and strong tradition of the Rover Program in Portuguese Scouting.
  • Promote partnerships with all NSOs and enhance our strategic link with the Portuguese-speaking countries.
  • Allow participants to visit and explore Portugal and its many opportunities, enabling future activities in partnership with Portuguese Scouts, both in Portugal and abroad.

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