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Program Structure

  1. Rovers, rangers and young leaders will join a digital platform, marking their commitment and the first stage of engagement.
  2. The planning team will release a call for projects regarding the paths, including the necessary content to be in the projects (rules of procedure).
  3. Participants (up to 5, no more than 3 from the same country) may create and submit projects for the paths that will take place during the first part of the Moot.
  4. The Paths can be anything that interests/challenges the participants and that they would like to do with their fellow Rovers in the first days of the Moot. They should be drawn to engage a local community anywhere in Portugal.
  5. The projects will be submitted to the Planning Team, who will scan all those that fulfil the rules of procedure and are therefore eligible Paths. Those which do not meet the requirements can still be amended if in due time.
  6. The approved proposals may then be analysed and debated by all the Rovers engaging in the platform to elect the Paths for the Moot.
  7. The Rovers who have their projects selected, supervised by the Planning Team and supported by ISTs will lead the selected projects (the Paths).
  8. Using the platform, rovers, rangers and young leaders will learn about each other and the selected Paths and then they will start forming their engagement teams.
  9. Participants will choose their preferred Path so that all Rovers can be assigned to one of the Paths before the Moot.
  10. After choosing/being assigned to a Path, participants will form a community and they will be able to contribute to the project, build it and enhance it.
  11. Participants will start engaging with the local community long before meeting them.
  12. Paths: At the Moot, participants will spend the first part of the event in their Path (the project they chose) with the other Rovers that chose the same project, living and working with the local community they will live the project they built and worked on.
  13. Main Camp: After the initial days in their Paths, all participants will travel to the main camp, where they will spend the rest of Moot.
  14. Participants will be challenged to review their work and experiences during the Paths and reflect on how to promote the Engagement @ Home (local projects for their local scout groups and communities.)
  15. The program will include outdoor activities, moments for debate, workshops, challenges and a lot of fun!
  16. We want participants to develop an awareness of the need and impact of their action on behalf of their local community. We talk about continuous action, not just action on a timely project and the specific objectives of that project. We want this Moot to have an impact on the lives of its participants, their awareness building and ongoing action for the development of their local community.
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